We consult corporations with a focus on the following industry sectors:


Automation technology

The German and European automation technology industry has a long tradition in the display of its innovative abilities. Since its inception KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS celebrates a similar tradition: Legal services with a tradition in innovation, for some of the worldwide leading innovative technology companies in the automation industry.


Automotive, aerospace and transport

The German and European automotive and aerospace industries are dynamic industries, well renowned for their competitiveness and quality, with a tradition in being amongst the global leaders in their industry. Dynamic industries require dynamic advice. From 1997 to the present KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS has provided legal consulting to some of the worldwide leading German and European suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries, every day, on a global basis.



The electronic industry has changed the world more than once. In the world of today, almost every core activity in business as well as in private is performed at least to some extent by electronic devices. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS supports companies in electronics with professional legal advice.


Energy sector

The energy sector has always been at the heart of the industrialized society. So are we: KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS has performed its legal services to IT companies in the energy sector since the foundation of our law firm in 1997.


Banking, finance and insurance

Some of the most prestigious contributors to the financing industry originate from Germany and Europe. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS is proud to serve these industries with competent legal advice towards the backbone of their business activities, their IT, as financing services without the necessary IT are nowadays no longer thinkable nor possible.


Health care and life science

IT services do not stop short of health care and life science industries. As KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS cares for IT, we provide legal services to businesses in the field of health care and life science.


Information technology

New technologies require new legal solutions. What was once new, is now classic, provided it has been manufactured and maintained in quality. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS has always been inspired by professional and quality work, in every aspect. As we are convinced that one shall only do what one can do well we have always focused our performances on IT/IP: This is where you may call on us as your professional partner. We are only one call away.



German and European media companies are among the top of the world. Over the years, IT has become a dominant factor in media, spreading the news in real time around the globe, in particular on the Internet. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS is up to that pace. Moreover, it has been said that KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS has set standards regarding quality work, efficiency and effect. Working in a global world, KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS represents media companies with expert know-how in intellectual property matters as well as all aspects of IT.


Medical technology

Every one of us needs the utmost degree of reliability when it comes to being subjected to medical devices performing services in medical technology: Trust is more than just a word. A good amount of our clients place their trust and reliability in the legal expertise of KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS and, in turn, we provide them with professional quality legal services pertaining to the development and distribution of medical technology devices on a global basis, including every aspect of the necessary legal quality assurance measures regarding the fulfilment of technical norms in the development process.


Measurement and control technology

The German and European measurement and control technology industries have a history of recognition as being particularly reliable and to the point. At KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS, we always admire quality work, and we look upon ourselves as not only messengers, but also performers of services in a quality which may probably best be described by the simple words: “Made in Germany”.



Telecommunication services have brought the world together, made the Internet possible, and allow for real time communication in every sense of the word. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS is up to the pace of the real time world and provides legal advice on a global basis around the clock if need be and it has been said more than once that KANZLEI DR. ERBEN ATTORNEYS has set standards regarding quality work, efficiency and effectiveness.