We negotiate agreements on the development, implementation and maintenance of business management systems and/or technical application systems such as:


Accounting and invoicing systems

Accounting and invoicing systems are indispensable for any business. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN drafts and negotiates the legal framework for IT based accounting and invoicing systems, for industry leading companies in Germany, Europe and the world.


Automotive speech solutions

Automotive speech solutions are sought after in vehicles all over the world. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN provides the necessary know-how for legal contracts in the framework of the development and licensing of automotive speech solutions around the globe.


CRM systems

Every business needs a customer related management system up to the pace of the time, as professional after sales services are the best way to keep the customer satisfied. When working together with KANZLEI DR. ERBEN, you will encounter a very similar approach, as we have understood: If we don’t take care of our customer, somebody else will.


Diagnosis and simulation

Diagnosis and simulation tools are necessary to develop and maintain production devices, in order to detect possible errors and omissions prior to production so the product to be is as best as can be. At KANZLEI DR. ERBEN we follow a very similar concept: Since we know that work without errors and omissions is not possible, we invest a good amount of time in the detection of possible mistakes, in the garage. Whereas errors and omissions may be made in the garage, any piece of work that leaves our law firm is designed to be perfect and flawless.


Diagnostic systems

The medical industry needs to be able to rely on diagnostic systems that leave no room for faults. It is trust, reliability and quality work that we need to and may expect from diagnostic systems. This is the basic concept which we follow at KANZLEI DR. ERBEN in our work approach as well: As our clients rely on KANZLEI DR. ERBEN and place their trust in the reliability of our work performances we strive return their trust into our work by setting and following high quality standards in our professional legal services, every day.


Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are nowadays present almost everywhere: Cars, trains, aeroplanes, and machines of every kind and make. A good amount of our clients develops and distributes components for embedded systems. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN provides the necessary legal expertise for licensing, development and distribution contracts on embedded systems and all related legal questions such as for example quality assurance, liability limitation, business liability insurance contracts.


ERP systems

Electronic resource planning systems are more than a sign of the times. They allow the distribution of goods and services on a global basis in the industrialized world. The implementation of IT based ERP systems into your company and its workflows and processes is a complex undertaking. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN provides the necessary legal framework for IT project contracts to ensure a successful development, implementation and integration of IT based ERP systems.

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Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge based systems are apt to change the world as we know it, taking over tasks which formerly humans needed to do. Where this may only create slight problems in some cases, i.e. if a machine mows your garden lawn, a machine may also be able to drive a car by itself by means of organic computing using self-x featured intelligence and may be “responsible” for severe bodily injuries. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN provides the necessary legal expertise regarding all questions in the framework of the use and implementation of artificial intelligence.


Communication solutions

Where the communication industry meets the IT and the telecommunication industries, complex contracts on the implementation of communication solutions need to be drafted. Over the years, KANZLEI DR. ERBEN has provided professional legal advice on the IT based implementation of communication solutions into your business processes in your company.


Production control and engineering

Production control and engineering is a complex process which needs to be carefully planned and executed. So do the related contracts. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN drafts, negotiates and examines project contracts on the implementation of production control and engineering performances and services.


Process and quality management

The implementation and control of process and quality management services in accordance with the relevant laws and statutes including technical norms is an ongoing process. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN has drafted and implemented the necessary legal framework with numerous businesses over the years, including all the relevant related compliance issues. Our work has been evaluated and quality confirmed by external audits made by auditors at our clients’ business premesis.


SAP solutions

Contracts on the licensing, implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions have been one of the predominant fields of expertise ever since the inception of KANZLEI DR. ERBEN in 1997. Over the years we have provided legal services to companies using as well as to companies providing SAP solutions, both medium sized companies and the big industries.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is more and more common and accepted. Many companies trust the expertise of businesses providing software services on an ASP basis. Using and providing software and related software systems and/or hardware is a complex undertaking requiring a carefully drafted contract. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN provides the relevant legal expertise and drafts the related contracts.


Inventory management

You will know how important your inventory management systems really are once they break down as you will then have to do the necessary work manually. The implementation of inventory management systems is a complex project, so is the related contract. KANZLEI DR. ERBEN drafts, negotiates and evaluates IT based project contracts on the implementation of inventory management systems.