Legal consulting in the 2020s

Legal Consulting in den 20zehnern

Globalization is the logical consequence of industrialization.

Digitalisation is the logical consequence of the Internet. The digitalised Internet world in the global market requires legal services with an international dimension. Doing business in an international context requires a reliable and committed professional partner, able to combine legal abilities with the understanding of dealing in the context of different cultures. Only then will your legal partner be able to add quality value to your business relationships.

Quality Work

Qualitätsarbeit ist Zusammenspiel

We take pride in producing quality work, together with our clients.

We are a commercial law firm with a focus on IT/IP law. As a team that knows each other well, we are very assertive and able to work together very efficiently. Our law firm is very successful, we represent some of the most renowned companies in Germany, Europe and the world. Our clients value quality work. So do we. We do not accept anything less than the highest possible degree of quality. When we take care of your business, we will focus our legal advice on your possible strategic options. We will provide you with the insight only the critical view of an outsider may achieve. We will take the necessary time. It has been said that working together with our law firm provides a degree of satisfaction only the experience of the extraordinary can bring. It has also been said that we are not the best in what we do, but the only ones – because nobody else practises and communicates law the way that we do. And this is what we carefully cherish in our daily work: To provide our business partner legal consulting of the finest art, in quality, time and service.

A tradition in innovation

A tradition in innovation

We combine traditional values with innovative abilities.

Dispensing strategic legal advice is an art not very many have mastered. Keeping the overall objective in mind enables one to see through to the essentials of a case and to resolve any complexity in a plain and simple truth. It takes more than the knowledge of the law to be able to do this.

Clear solutions in businessman's language

Klare Lösungen in der Sprache von Businessmen

We dispense our legal advice in businessman’s language.

We will always choose and prefer clear language over complex legal wording. One effect of this approach is that the contracts we draft are comprehensible and easy to implement for the persons involved. As a result, our contracts are significantly apt to prevent legal conflicts.



We are dedicated to professionalism in every aspect of our work.

Our commitment to our work does not stop when the work day is done. More often than not our solutions to your legal requests spring from a creative source that is not nourished solely by the constant work flow of a busy day in the office. Needless to say that you may count on us around the clock, worldwide, if need be, since we have understood: If we don’t take care of our client, somebody else will.



If you are looking for a dynamic, competent and self-reliant commercial IT/IP law firm as your legal partner, with professional ethics and discretion, you want to get to know our law firm. It’s as simple as that.